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Couples Travel Interview : Two Scots Abroad

As a perpetual single girl (sob, I know), I’m always fascinated with how couples deal with travelling together. As part of this Romance on the Road series, I’m interviewing single people, couples who travel successfully together, couples who travel unsuccessfully together(!), couples who have met travelling and everywhere in between. If you’d like to share […]

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& staying safe in India

How I was publicly masturbated at & staying safe in India.

A few days ago I was sitting in a bus stop in Mumbai, India. The local guy that I had paid no particular attention to moved closer. From the corner of my eye, to my horror, I realised that he had pulled out his penis and was masturbating, staring intently at me. I felt sick. […]

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OFF (2)

Eat Pray Love & Workaway. I’m off again!

Readers, it’s time for me to head off again. “Where Lucy, where?” I hear you all cry. Well, to answer that, journey with me, all the way back to January 24th. (Okay, that’s only five weeks ago, but nevermind. We’re journeying). It was a Saturday evening and I’m ashamed to admit, I was not out […]

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What to pack for India

What to pack for India.

What to pack for India… India is probably on of the easiest places to travel light; and for a girl who has been known to pack seventeen sarongs for a week-long holiday in Greece, I should know. If I can do it, anyone can do it! The key is to remember that a) You’re the […]

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