Lily Dipping in Nong Kiaow

Lily-Dipping in Nong Kiaow

  I’ll admit – I was completely and utterly devastated to have to drag myself away from Luang Probang – a place where I’d found an incredible group of friends, gobbled my way through the all-you-can-eat buffet at the night market more than once (more than twice, more than three times, more than… oh, you […]

An Abrupt Education in Laos

The hardest part of Laos.

When I started (not) planning my trip to Asia, I knew I wanted to visit Laos, but that’s genuinely all I knew. I didn’t know the capital city, I didn’t know anything about the places I wanted to visit and I certainly didn’t realise its history. All I had heard was from happy backpacker friends […]

27. Saying Goodbye

Have we forgotten how to say goodbye?

I had just spent five days in paradise. Absolute, unspoiled paradise – a tiny, quiet island in the south of Cambodia with postcard-perfect beaches, emerald umbrellas of green trees, white sand adorned only by the criss-cross tracks of scuttling sand crabs and the continual sounds of whispering waves. As much as I’d love to reminisce this […]


What to pack for South East Asia

I’ve had a couple of emails recently asking me for packing tips and what to bring on a trip to South East Asia. This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for some time and finally today when I looked around the complete chaos that is my backpack and its exploded innards, I decided […]

23. 5 Crappy Excuses

5 Crappy excuses not to travel…

I want to preface this week’s Top Five post with a quick word; this post is not meant to make you feel guilty if you’ve never travelled, (or if you have no desire to travel), it’s not a “Ooh, look how marvellous I am, I’m abroad and I’m hugging an orphan!” post and it’s certainly not […]

22. Hsipaw

Poked by a monk….

After I had been ludicrously irritated and then shown the most wonderful kindness at the train station, it was time to make the journey north to the town of Hsipaw (Pronounced See-paw). I had read that the journey from Mandalay to Hsipaw was roughly 6 hours by bus… or 13 hours by train. Since time […]

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