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A vegetarian’s survival guide in Burma

Being vegetarian, I am asked constantly how and what to eat while travelling. Ironically, I’ve found it a million times harder to get good vegetarian food in my own continent (Europe) than Asia. The good news, is that it is so easy to be vegetarian in Burma. Even better, I’m going to arm you with […]

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Unsuccessful date

A spectacularly unsuccessful date… on the road.

This all happened to me while I was somewhere in South East Asia and fortunate enough to be travelling with an incredible group of girls. We had all been solo travellers but bonded over free coffee and decided to all share a dorm room. We were out one night at a bar when we bumped […]

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Lily Dipping in Nong Kiaow

Lily-Dipping in Nong Kiaow

  I’ll admit – I was completely and utterly devastated to have to drag myself away from Luang Probang – a place where I’d found an incredible group of friends, gobbled my way through the all-you-can-eat buffet at the night market more than once (more than twice, more than three times, more than… oh, you […]

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An Abrupt Education in Laos

The hardest part of Laos.

When I started (not) planning my trip to Asia, I knew I wanted to visit Laos, but that’s genuinely all I knew. I didn’t know the capital city, I didn’t know anything about the places I wanted to visit and I certainly didn’t realise its history. All I had heard was from happy backpacker friends […]

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