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Hello. I’m Lucy.

A. ME!

Writing an “About me” page may be one of the hardest pages I’ve written on this blog. How on earth do I convince you that I’m wonderful/funny/interesting/fantastic/<insert more positive adjectives here> and that you should follow my blog…  without sounding totally egotistic?

I’ll give it a go.

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About Me:

I’m Lucy. I’m half English, half American, a little bit Swedish and a little bit Irish. I’m not very good at fractions.


Me with a hilarious penis necklace.

I graduated from Bournemouth University in 2009 with a degree in Journalism and Media Communication… completely and utterly perplexed as to what I wanted to do and totally unsure of my passions in life. So, I ignored the voice in my head that said “You’ll definitely end up homeless, you clueless idiot” and instead got a job in a bar. I realise that it’s not common etiquette to admit you hear voices (and rather impolite ones) but I’m sure I’ll admit to far worse things in the blog.

For the next four years I lived a mixture of work, travel and writing. It took me four years to realise that my passions were writing and travelling. I guess I’m a little bit slow.

But with the Eureka moment that writing and travelling were my passions came the next voice “Hey, why don’t you dust off that travel blog you used to keep and give it a little love?” And so, Lucy’s miles away was officially born. (You can see a summarised list of my travels at the bottom of this post)

Me with a human disco ball.

Me with a human disco ball.

It’s hard to describe myself (apart from being wonderful/funny/interesting/fantastic of course), but I like to think that I’m open, curious, spontaneous and interested in everyone around me. Having said that, it’s obviously great fun to be gloriously judgmental and post all of my scathing thoughts on this blog. Haha.

Me, learning how to play the UFO

Me, learning how to play the UFO

Oh, and I think sometimes I can be waaaaay too easily pleased:

Utter delight in my sunglasses matching this rubbish bin

Utter delight in my sunglasses matching this rubbish bin

Utter delight in this gigantic prawn

Utter delight in this gigantic prawn

About this blog:

The blog was originally set up for me to brag tell family and friends about my six month visit to India in 2012.  Well, I went, I wandered and I fell in love with it.

And when I came home for a while to make some more money, the blog sat there unloved and neglected. I continued to travel – Europe, more of the USA, but in reality spent much more time getting drunk enjoying the local culture than actually writing.

Me. Delighted, apparently.

Me. Delighted, apparently.

And then, with the aforementioned Eureka moment, I decided to fall back in love with writing. And so here this blog is. I try to include a mixture of travel tales, thoughts and opinions and the odd occasional bit of humour.

Super. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this blog. Please feel free to comment, question and share. I love a chat.

If you’d like to hire me or would like me to guest post on your site, then please feel free to hit the “Contact Me” section – I’m often available for all sorts of writing-based projects. Equally if you’re interested in collaborating on this site, I’m also interested in hearing your thoughts. Lets talk!

Oh, and as promised – a little summary of my travels. This is only inclusive of longer trips – the timeline in real life is littered with lots of foreign weekend trips. I have Ryanair to thank for that.

Click to englarge.

Click to enlarge.

Lucy xx