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Blogs I love…

Blogs I like...

When I’m not writing blogs here, facebookingtweeting or Instagramming, I’m usually found obsessing over other blogs. This post comes with a warning – you may develop extreme wanderlust, or lost half of your day clicking through posts. Apologies!

Alex in Wanderland 

I love Alex’s blog because she wears her heart on her sleeve – her blog is full of adventure, sunsets and scuba diving but also she shares personal stuff – falling in love, falling out of love… all the good stuff.

Coffee with a slice of life

Okay, I’m biased. Sarah is one of my favourite people in the whole world – in real life too. She chronicles her journey around the world and how she ended up living in Hong Kong. She’s full of good advice, but I’m her biggest fan, so please get in line.

Unbrave Girl

Possibly the funniest travel blog I’ve ever read. You have been warned!

Jay on Life

My wonderful friend Jay, who travels with the added bonus of a pair of crutches. She’s open and frank about her disability and has such a wonderful attitude to life. Plus, she can really take a joke.

The Broke Backpacker

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way. (It’s funny because his name is Will, get it?) Haha. Will does the craziest, weirdest stuff and for the most part he does it without a lot of dollar. A typical conversation with Will goes like this “Hey, I’m going to fly out to Pakistan tomorrow to build a hostel”…. Amazing!

Young Adventuress

I blood love Liz’s travel blog because she tells it like it is. It’s so refreshing. She hates on stuff she hates and she loves stuff she loves, simple as. Definitely worth a nose…

Non-Travel Related, but still wonderful… 


Another person I am fortunate enough to call my friend, Paul Hawkins. One of the funnest writers I know, and just as fantastic in real life.

This is a list in-progress, but have you any recommendations? Should you be on this page? I take bribes in the form of mozzarella, coffee and hand-drawn signs.

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