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Blogs I like...

Here is where I  point you in the direction of other magnificent blogs that I adore, obsess over and am constantly amazed by. – An incredible blog by a permanent nomad. Addictive, informative and really entertaining. A must! – An honest and frank account of an American traveller Alex who wears her heart on her sleeve. – One of my most favourite people in the world. My lovely friend from home, Sarah, chronicling her journey through South America. I’m her biggest fan, so please get in line. – Possibly the funniest travel blog I’ve ever read. You have been warned! – One of the biggest in travel blogs by a man who has… done everything. – A blog written by myself, Paul Hawkins (please see below for his fantastic web site) and our friends Alex and Andy as we embark on a mission to travel across the United States and Canada for four months…. never paying for accommodation. – My wonderful friend Jay, who travels with the added bonus of a pair of crutches. She’s open and frank about her disability and has such a wonderful attitude to life. Plus, she can really take a joke.

Non-Travel Related, but still wonderful… – Another person I am fortunate enough to call my friend, Paul Hawkins. One of the funnest writers I know, and just as fantastic in real life.

This is a list in-progress, but have you any recommendations? Should you be on this page? I take bribes in the form of mozzarella, coffee and hand-drawn signs.

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