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Life in Cambodia

A Day in the Life of… Living in Cambodia.

I have a feeling this blog post will be full of confessions. And apologies. I am learning that I apologise a lot. Since coming to Cambodia two and a half months ago, I would estimate that about 80% of my attempts at speaking Khmer (Cambodian) somehow include an apology. Anyway, my first apology comes in the […]

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27. Saying Goodbye

Have we forgotten how to say goodbye?

I had just spent five days in paradise. Absolute, unspoiled paradise – a tiny, quiet island in the south of Cambodia with postcard-perfect beaches, emerald umbrellas of green trees, white sand adorned only by the criss-cross tracks of scuttling sand crabs and the continual sounds of whispering waves. As much as I’d love to reminisce this […]

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24. Four Nights in Hospital

Four Nights in a Cambodian Hospital…

I was in a wheelchair, an IV line attached to my left hand, barely able to lift my head, surrounded by nurses and doctors and being wheeled up to the Cambodian hospital room that would become my home for the next four days. It wasn’t the ideal situation. It had started about a month before […]

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