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Keeping cool at Blog at the Beach

I am terrible at timing things. Whenever I’m travelling (which, admittedly is a huge portion of the year), there will almost certainly be a thousand weddings, birthdays, Harry Potter parties and other desirable opportunities that arise while I’m half way up a mountain or sitting in a cave. So imagine my absolute delight when a blogging conference came […]

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Why living in England is scarier than travelling.

  Confession. I nearly just had a car crash.  And of course, it inspired me to immediately rush home and blog about why living in England is so darn scary. Scarier than any of the scary stuff I’ve done travelling. Anyway, back to the almost-car crash. It wasn’t a big one, admittedly, but I cut […]

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TEFL Discount – Travel, but cheaper!

(If you’re just here for the awesome discount, scroll down to the bottom!) One of the things that always makes me chuckle when I hear about the story of my parents meeting and getting together is a TOTAL lie that my mother told my father. She, originally from the USA, had moved to the UK […]

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How to be happier

The ONE thing we should change : How to be happier.

A lot of the posts I write on this blog are things I’ve thought about for weeks or months at a time, letting the thought grow and foster in my brain until it arises – I type it out in one long go, reasonably polished and I hit PUBLISH. Sometimes I find things tricky, I’ll […]

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Help feed the homeless FROM A HAMMOCK! – Hobo Hammocks

You know how sometimes there are some objects in life which transport you to another place or a memory? For instance the smell of sun cream might conjure up summers on the beach, or candy canes meaning Christmas is just around the corner? How about hammocks? Hammocks for me have always been the absolute essence […]

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My most blissful moment in India… and it might surprise you!

Today I celebrated sixteen days in India. Actually, sixteen days in Mumbai to be precise. I certainly hadn’t planned to stay here in this city for so long, but as it turns out, Mumbai really is an incredible city to be in. I learned long ago that I really can be terrible at leaving – […]

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& staying safe in India

How I was publicly masturbated at & staying safe in India.

A few days ago I was sitting in a bus stop in Mumbai, India. The local guy that I had paid no particular attention to moved closer. From the corner of my eye, to my horror, I realised that he had pulled out his penis and was masturbating, staring intently at me. I felt sick. […]

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Redesigning your blog

Redesigning your blog: And trying to stay relatively sane.

Write a blog, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Let me tell you something. They lied. Okay, that’s a fairly dramatic opener – for 90% of the time, blogging is fun. And when you’re reclining in a hammock drinking coconut water and editing photos of a sunset, it is sublime. When you’re reading positive […]

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Unsuccessful date

A spectacularly unsuccessful date… on the road.

This all happened to me while I was somewhere in South East Asia and fortunate enough to be travelling with an incredible group of girls. We had all been solo travellers but bonded over free coffee and decided to all share a dorm room. We were out one night at a bar when we bumped […]

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An Abrupt Education in Laos

The hardest part of Laos.

When I started (not) planning my trip to Asia, I knew I wanted to visit Laos, but that’s genuinely all I knew. I didn’t know the capital city, I didn’t know anything about the places I wanted to visit and I certainly didn’t realise its history. All I had heard was from happy backpacker friends […]

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