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21. A Tale of Train Station Kindness

A Tale of Train Station Kindness

You may remember, I was just leaving Mandalay, a city that certainly held beautiful and interesting things, but for me was just a mess of tangled streets and uninspiring buildings. Perhaps I’ll give it another go one day, but after so many incredible places visited in Burma, Mandalay was never built to compete. Anyway, I […]

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Guess what… I’m… PREGNANT!

I have had real hesitance over whether or not to post this online but, since I’ve been sharing a lot on my blog, I decided that it was only right that I share my personal happiness too. So, with that said – I’d like to announce… I’m PREGNANT! As of yesterday, I’m thirteen weeks along, […]

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16. Happy Birthday  Dad!

A Happy Birthday to my Incredible Father xx

I know that recently I have posted a few blogs that aren’t really travel related, and I promise I will get around to posting more on the beautiful places I’ve been and such, but sometimes I feel like I just have to write thoughts down and share them with the world. Today is no exception. […]

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A two day dash to Amsterdam.

This was it. The trip to Amsterdam, the teenage dream, the rock star life… the taste of freedom was lingering on our tongues. After a huge amount of excitement to make up for the distinct lack of planning, we set off, tearing down the road, bags packed, snacks bought, ready for the adventure that would […]

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