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21. A Tale of Train Station Kindness

A Tale of Train Station Kindness

You may remember, I was just leaving Mandalay, a city that certainly held beautiful and interesting things, but for me was just a mess of tangled streets and uninspiring buildings. Perhaps I’ll give it another go one day, but after so many incredible places visited in Burma, Mandalay was never built to compete. Anyway, I […]

20. Sunrise in Mandalay

A sunrise in Mandalay…

I had just left Bagan in search of seeking out Mandalay city, or “the golden city”, another huge city in Burma. The word “Mandalay” filled me with enthusiasm and interest – my only other introduction to this word was gazing upon a gigantic golden hotel in Las Vegas, named “Mandalay Bay”. I’m not quite sure […]

17. Two thousand temples in Bagan

Two thousand temples in Bagan…

“Bagan in central Burma is one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites, a sight to rival Machu Picchu or Angkor Wat but – for the time being at least – without the visitors.” I hadn’t done much research about places in Burma, except for Bagan. I remember seeing an image of the city of Bagan […]

14. Yangon Luck

Getting Lucky in Yangon

Burma is a bit strange. Their currency is kyat (pronounced ‘chat’, which I think is quite nice) but all of the guesthouses only accept payment in US dollars. No, not just dollars – pristine, perfect, un-marked, un-torn, crisp notes printed after 2009. When I went to collect my dollars from the currency exchange in Bangkok, […]


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