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What to pack (9)

What it’s like to quit alcohol while travelling…

To booze, or not to booze… Why I decided to quit alcohol. It was about 2AM in Tokyo. Myself, a Hungarian girl I had befriended and our Japanese couchsurfing host were knocking back drinks in a sketchy little Japanese ‘club’ like nobody’s business. We’d just been for some of the weirdest blue sushi and a […]

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What to pack (7)

Bills of Tokyo

Mixing up cuisines with Bills, Tokyo While in Japan, I decided I needed a meal away from the Asian scene. Don’t get me wrong, this girl loves her sushi (seriously, this girl loves her sushi), but there’s only so much seaweed I could take – and believe me, I’d eaten my share. So, when the […]

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What to pack (6)

Testing out the Capsule Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

The infamous Capsule Hotel… Let’s see what this is all about! Doesn’t this photo make you curious? (I know that for some people, even without knowing what this photo is really about or what a capsule hotel is, it’ll bring on a sense of claustrophobia or nerves and for people like me, a feeling of […]

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What to pack (4)

What are you doing with your life, Lucy?

No, but really…. Alright, let’s get linear. I know I’ve been a bit all over the place with where I’ve been over the last few weeks. So let’s backtrack and I’ll fill you in on where I’m at and where I’ve been and where I’m headed and my plans for world domination that don’t include […]

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Tokyo Disaster

A truly disastrous start to Toyko…

Apologies for the lack of photos and carefully thought out sentences in this blog. It’s one of those blogs where you just need to blurt out some feelings. So here goes. A blurt-out-feeling post. This is the tale of how I went from being close to sobbing on the streets of Tokyo to arriving in […]

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Hong Kong LOVE

A first date with Hong Kong

and falling in love with this city… I’m going to level with you guys – you know what? Hong Kong is one of the hardest places to describe that I’ve been to yet. And, let’s face it – I’ve been to some weird places. In fact, it’s so hard to describe, that the other day […]

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Keep smilin'!

The six things that happened to me when my blog went SERIOUSLY viral.

“Seriously Viral” That actually sounds like some sort of terrible disease, doesn’t it? Oh dear. Anyway, on with the story. A while ago while I was in India, one of my posts on this humble (okay, totally amazing) little website went viral. And not just a little bit viral, we’re talking MAJOR viral. The kind […]

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Keeping cool at Blog at the Beach

I am terrible at timing things. Whenever I’m travelling (which, admittedly is a huge portion of the year), there will almost certainly be a thousand weddings, birthdays, Harry Potter parties and other desirable opportunities that arise while I’m half way up a mountain or sitting in a cave. So imagine my absolute delight when a blogging conference came […]

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Why living in England is scarier than travelling.

  Confession. I nearly just had a car crash.  And of course, it inspired me to immediately rush home and blog about why living in England is so darn scary. Scarier than any of the scary stuff I’ve done travelling. Anyway, back to the almost-car crash. It wasn’t a big one, admittedly, but I cut […]

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Aileen Adalid

Romance on the Road with I am Aileen

As a perpetual single girl (sob, I know), I’m always fascinated with how couples travel. As part of thisRomance on the Road series, I’m interviewing single people, couples in long distance relationships, couples who travel successfully together, couples who travel unsuccessfully together(!), couples who have met travelling and everywhere in between. If you’d like to share […]

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