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27. Saying Goodbye

Have we forgotten how to say goodbye?

I had just spent five days in paradise. Absolute, unspoiled paradise – a tiny, quiet island in the south of Cambodia with postcard-perfect beaches, emerald umbrellas of green trees, white sand adorned only by the criss-cross tracks of scuttling sand crabs and the continual sounds of whispering waves. As much as I’d love to reminisce this […]

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14. Yangon Luck

Getting Lucky in Yangon

Burma is a bit strange. Their currency is kyat (pronounced ‘chat’, which I think is quite nice) but all of the guesthouses only accept payment in US dollars. No, not just dollars – pristine, perfect, un-marked, un-torn, crisp notes printed after 2009. When I went to collect my dollars from the currency exchange in Bangkok, […]

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10. Bro leaving

An open letter to my brother before he leaves…

In four days, something big is happening. Something that is just so fantastically exciting, something I’ve thought about constantly and even been dreaming about. My baby brother George is flying to South America. He and his (wonderfully lovely) friend Adam bought themselves a one-way-ticket to Buenos Aires and soon will be embarking on the adventure […]

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4. The Biggest Coincidence yet

The biggest coincidence yet…

I was back in Bangkok after an incredible two weeks soaking up the sun (mainly getting burnt), exploring the islands and scuba diving. I had returned to Bangkok not only to decide my next move, but also to arrange getting a visa to visit Burma. Obtaining a visa for Burma isn’t difficult, it’s just a […]

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